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Did Google’s Fred update hit low-value content sites that focus on revenue, not users?
by Barry Schwartz Mar. 14, 2017 Marketing, SEO, Google

Google won't comment about the "Fred update," but based on our own analysis, many affected sites saw up to a 90% drop in traffic.

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Facebook will let publishers show more ads in Instant Articles
by Tamar Weinberg Marketing, Facebook

Facebook is giving more flexibility to publishers within its Instant Articles feature, allowing extra manual and automated monetization methods.

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5 Unpublished Stats on the Future of Social Media Marketing
by Jason Keath May. 5, 2016 Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Hello data geeks. We’ve got some new stats for you. You may feel an urge to immediately add them to your next powerpoint. Don’t fight it.

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How influencers can impact SEO: Q&A with Thomas Cook Airlines
by Nikki Gillilan March. 2, 2017 Marketing, SEO, Case Study, Social Influencers

In the past few years, working with social media influencers has become common practice for many travel brands.

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Pinterest’s updated browser extension turns off-Pinterest images into search queries
by Tim Peterson March 7, 2017 Marketing, Pinterest

Pinterest's extension will scan images on a web page to show related pins. But those visual search results won't include ads.

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Making Every Second Count with Interactive Video Ads
by David Barker Feb. 28, 2017 Marketing, Content, Video-ads

If a picture can speak a thousand words, does this mean that each second of video ad content speaks 30,000 words (more than Animal Farm, A Christmas Carol and Of Mice and Men)?

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